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Ngiến cứu điều chế hạt ALBUMIN gắn đồng vị phóng xạ YTTRIUM-90

Ngiến cứu điều chế hạt ALBUMIN gắn đồng vị phóng xạ YTTRIUM-90

15/04/2020 20:38:47 | 0 binh luận

Study On Radiolabeling Of Albumin Particles With Yttrium-90 SUMMARY Objective: This report is intended to determine the optimum conditions of the radiolabeling of microaggregated albumin particles with Yttrium-90 radioisotope and the completion of the quality control procedures. Subjects and Methods: The albumin microsphere kit was prepared in sodium phosphate buffer. The original solution includes 2 mg albumin particle and 0.5 mg stannous chloride dihydrate. The albumin particles size was ranged from 5 mm to 30 mm. The mixture was washed three times with phosphate buffer saline, pH 7.2 by centrifugation and suspended in 0.5 M sodium acetate buffer, pH 6. Yttrium-90 in 1.0 M acetic acid was collected from 90Sr/90Y generator. The labeling of the particles with 90Y (185 MBq) was performed at pH 5.5 in acetate buffer with agitating for 60 min at room temperature. The labeled albumin suspensions were centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 15 min. Labeling yields was calculated using centrifugation, filtration and compared with paper chromatography, which is developed in the Tris Acetic EDTA. In this system, the unbound of Y-90 migrates to an Rf of 0.9-1.0 and the radiolabeled albumin particles remains at the point of origin (Rf = 0). The size of 90Y-albumin particles was compared with the albumin particles in the original solution to be sure that they didn’t change during the labeling treatment Results : The radiolabeling yields were more than 80% at pH 5,5, the labeled compound was dialysis in phosphate buffer. The radiochemical purity was 98%, the reaction time marked 60 minutes, at room temperature (about 240C). The labeled compound was dialysis in phosphate buffer. The product has a radioactivity of more than 98%. The product has been tested and the quality requirements of radioactive drugs. Conclusion: The subject has achieved the goal of producing conjugate 90Y-albumin and quality control, which is the ideal radioactive substance for the treatment of malignant cancer such as radiation therapy. In the future it is necessary to continue the study of high-activity radiolabeled albumin particles and study on laboratory cancer animals. Key words: 90Y-albumin microspheres, radiopharmaceuticals, brachytherapy
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